Final Saga Back in Development

22 May, 2014 - Xlithan

Back in 2001 I discovered for the first time, Multi-User-Dungeon (MUD) games, with my first being a game called Nightmist Online. Not only was this my first MUD, but it was also my first ever online game.
I would spend countless hours a day leveling up my character, joining clans, and making gold to buy better equipment.
In 2002 I decided I wanted to get into game development myself. I tried out many different game creation tools and engines but I was never fully satisfied, as I was far too limited with the software that was available.

I began to learn Visual Basic 6 and discovered a 2D gaming engine called Mirage Source. It was with this source code that in 2009 I began to develop my very own custom MUD engine.
I stripped out all of the DirectX 7 code, and modified nearly every single system in the engine to make it function like a MUD. The reason behind using a 2D gaming engine to develop a MUD engine, was that all of the basic systems were there, such as player accounts, items, monsters, spells, attacking systems and so on and so forth. The only major change I needed to make was to write a room system instead of using the map system. The basics of the room system was incredibly easy to do, and then it was just a case of adding extra functions bit by bit.

After a good few years of not even opening the source code, I'm back developing Final Saga once again. I've fixed a load of errors, and improved some of the source code, and so far, it's very much a playable game. The main things to do now are to start adding content, ready to be tested.